An excellent company in terms of promoting a work-life balance

We support our employees in terms of balancing work with their personal lives. By successfully working to enable our employees to value their family and individual time and work with enthusiasm, we have been certified as an excellent company in terms of striking a work-life balance in Gifu Prefecture. Some of our initiatives in this area are outlined below.

Promoting a system of shorter working hours for the accommodation of childcare

We have expanded the system of shorter working hours for the accommodation of childcare from up to the age of three years as provided for by law to up to just before the start of primary school and reduced the number of hours worked per day by up to two hours in support of childcare. Approximately 90 percent of women who return to work after completing their childcare leaves make use of our system of shorter working hours.


Flexible time system and telecommuting system

By introducing a flexible time system and telecommuting system, we made it possible for employees to work in a flexible manner in line with lifestyles that involve childcare and nursing care demands.


Accumulated annual leave system

We created an accumulated annual leave system to allow employees to accumulate unused annual paid leave days that cannot be carried forward and take them to take care of injured or ill family members.


Enhancing our benefits and welfare system

The enhancement of our benefits and welfare system has enriched the lives of our employees and their families. Our in-house system offers employees congratulatory money, monetary gifts as tokens of sympathy, allowances, leaves of absence, and more. In addition, we also concluded a contract with an external benefits and welfare service provider. All employees can obtain discounts on a variety of facilities and services, including dining, leisure, movies, and the acquisition of some qualifications.


Thoroughly implementing measures for the prevention of harassment

We thoroughly implemented measures for the prevention of harassment. A system that does not tolerate any form of harassment has been set up through the development of regulations, the establishment of an office for consultations, and the provision of in-house training sessions.