Replacing the millennium development goals (MDGs) that were drawn up in 2001, the sustainable development goals (SDGs) are international goals for building a better, sustainable world by 2030 as set forth in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, which was launched at a United Nations summit held in September 2015.

Social contributions


We provide plant tours for people of a wide range of ages for the purpose of exposing young visitors to different occupations. At the same time, we also offer internships to high school and university students to give them workplace experience.


Sustainable cities and communities
We participate in local festivals in order to help protect local traditional events and pass them down to future generations.

Environmental conservation


Affordable and clean energy
Sustainable cities and communities
Responsible consumption and production
Climate action
Life below water
We manufacture environmentally friendly products by using highly recyclable aluminum alloys, clean up our own plant-generated wastewater, and engage in initiatives for reducing carbon dioxide emissions, such as by carrying out cleaning activities around our plant and planting trees.

Health and safety


Good health and well-being
Decent work and economic growth
We strive to realize an environment in which everyone can work in a physically and mentally healthy state and with peace of mind in order to become the sort of company to which employees want to come back to work day after day.
We prevent accidents and disasters by cultivating a culture in which rules are followed and duly enforced and acting with safety as the top priority for our company.

We aim to become a company where employees can work while maintaining excellent physical and mental health and to realize healthy and spiritually rich lives for everyone who is involved in our endeavors in a meaningful way.
We are also helping to promote good health for people through business activities based on our top management’s policy on health management.

Expanding diversity and cultivating human resources


The assets of a company are its people. We develop human resources by developing people’s potential and providing education designed to cultivate practical thinking and skills.


We have promoted actions to set up gender-neutral washrooms that can be safely and comfortably used by anyone irrespective of sex or disability and are working to promote understanding of diversity issues, including those concerning LGBT people, through such actions.

Work-life balance

We are promoting the development of an ideal workplace environment by enhancing a program that helps employees balance work and childcare demands and improving the ease with which the paid leave system can be used, such as by eliminating restrictions on the number of times the half-holiday system is made available.


We have issued a Partnership Building Declaration with the aim of achieving coexistence and co-prosperity with our business partners.