We are increasing the diversity of our human resources and creating a climate in which diverse human resources can demonstrate their skills.

Promoting the hiring of persons with disabilities

We proactively hire persons with disabilities through the use of trial employment arrangements and work to ensure that they can work with peace of mind by conducting regular interviews with them in collaboration with Satellite T (external organization) in order to identify concerns regarding working and living conditions at an early stage.


Hiring foreign technical interns

 In order to enable foreign technical interns to train and work with peace of mind, our company provides support in collaboration with the organizations in their home countries that send them and the organizations in Japan that receive them. In addition, we produce work manuals in their native languages and prepare an environment in which even foreigners who are unable to speak Japanese can work in an error-free manner in order to permit these individuals to demonstrate their abilities.

 We provide support for housing, living, and the workplace environment to allow specified skilled trainees who come to us as part of a program established in April 2019 to work by harnessing the skills and language abilities they obtained through training during their technical internships and thereby demonstrate their abilities. We hire foreign students and provide them with an environment for working in Japan with peace of mind.

 This is done by offering living support and support for renewing their residence eligibility status in order to give them a chance to utilize their Japanese language skills and demonstrate their abilities in the same way that other employees can.