Environmental policy

 We will operate our business in line with our environmental management system and shall strive at all times to attain our environmental objectives. Through activities for the attainment of these objectives, we will review the effectiveness of our environmental management system and work on making further improvements.

    1. We will promote the conservation of resources and energy, carry out environmental conservation activities, protect the environment (such as by preventing pollution), reduce waste, and proactively work on recycling activities while taking life-cycle considerations into account.
    2. We will actively work on incorporating environmental activities into our production activities.
    3. We will develop an environmental management system and endeavor to make continuous improvements and prevent pollution.
    4. We will comply with environmental laws and regulations and agreements concluded with stakeholders.
    5. In promoting activities, we will set forth and promote environmental objectives and targets. In addition, we will periodically review the foregoing.
    6. We will codify this policy, thoroughly disseminate it to all members of our company, and endeavor to promote and maintain it.
    7. We will endeavor to continuously improve our EMS with a view to improving our environmental performance..

Environmental management

We have set targets for reducing carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions in an environmentally friendly way and are working on attaining these targets under the MINO Group Environmental Policy.

Acquiring ISO 14001 certification

The MINO Group acquired ISO 14001 certification and, has accordingly, established and is maintaining and operating a management system related to the environment.

Reducing the amount of energy consumed

Management target for fiscal year 2022 (73rd term): reduce energy consumption by 3% (current fiscal year has not yet ended; based on fiscal year 2018).

Taking on the challenge of achieving carbon neutrality

The MINO Group, which is working to promote environmentally friendly green procurement measures, is promoting development and design work and production activities that are environmentally-friendly from a comprehensive perspective. To this end, we aim to purchase items that have a low environmental load from suppliers who have shown that they are environmentally conscientious.
▷Our initiatives concerning carbon neutrality

Carbon dioxide reduction activities

Adopting LED lighting

By using energy-saving LED lighting, we contribute to the prevention of global warming through reductions in carbon dioxide emissions.

Optimizing compressor operations

We reduce the amount of electricity consumed by optimizing compressor operations.

Adopting double-pane windows

Reductions in the load on air conditioners and heating equipment made possible by the high thermal-insulation performance of double-pane windows are tied to energy-saving measures. In addition, these windows help to soundproof structures from noise generated by nearby facilities.

Adopting LED lighting for plants and indoor settings
Optimizing compressor operations

Protecting biodiversity

Eliminating specific invasive species

We have been working to exterminate the lanceleaf tickseed, which has been designated a specific invasive species due to its impressive reproductive capabilities and impact on native plants.
Lanceleaf tickseed plants
Exterminating a specific invasive species

Extermination of Specified Alien Species

Harnessing renewable energy

Installing solar panels on the roof of our head office building

By harnessing renewable energy through the installation of solar panels on the roof of our head office building, we have helped to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

Clean-up activities around our plant

We engage in clean-up activities in areas around our plant.

Tree-planting activities

We plant an improved gardenia called Wald, which is highly effective at purifying the air. Wald is just as environmentally and cost-effective as other evergreen shrubs.

Planting trees