Die-casting is a casting method by which an alloy of at least two elements (such as silicon, iron, and copper) is melted together with such key elements as aluminum, zinc, and magnesium to acquire such properties as strength and corrosion resistance and then pressed into a mold at high speed under high pressure in order to mass produce high-precision products in a short period of time.

Set a mold engraved with the product to be created in the casting machine and carry out the following steps to produce a casting from the casting machine: pour ⇒ inject ⇒ cool the product in the mold ⇒ open the mold ⇒remove the product. Afterwards, prepare to produce the next casting by performing the following steps: apply a mold-releasing agent ⇒ close the mold.
Removed castings then undergo the removal of parts other than the product itself and finishing processes.


『Trimming process』

『Cooling process』

『Burr removal process』

『Shot blasting process』

『Warp removal process』

Die castings are widely used as automotive parts and as parts for household appliances, construction supplies, personal computers, cameras, and other goods due to their ability to be produced in large quantities at low cost and with high dimensional accuracy.
Die-cast products are commonly used in so many of the items that we use on a daily basis that they are an integral part of our lives.


We primarily produce aluminum alloy die castings for automotive parts.
Aluminum is highly recyclable, which means that aluminum die castings are consistent with sustainable development goals (SDGs) and play a key role in helping form a recycling-oriented society.
In addition, we acknowledge that there is a trend towards the electrification of automotive parts and are focused on engaging in the commissioned production of parts for electrification. We have grown into a die-casting manufacturer that can accommodate a wide range of requests for not just the small, thin products that we have been producing for many years but also large, complex products as demanded by our clients.