Information on facilities


Die-casting machines

We possess die-casting machines rated between 135 tons and 3,550 tons (across the entire Group) and are thus capable of producing products of various sizes.
In addition, we are helping to ensure uniformity in terms of quality and a stable supply of products by installing industrial robots and post-processing systems on each machine.

Machines for processing products

We enable high-speed cutting for complex and special shapes and forms and can achieve a product finish with shapes and forms of even greater precision. We are able to mass produce products to meet a diverse range of needs as indicated by our clients.


Facilities in Japan

Mino Industry Co., Ltd.

Die-casting machines
Head Office Plant Sakamoto Plant Sakamoto No. 2
250t 0 units 3 units 0 units
350t 0 units 28 units 0 units
500t 0 units 2 units 0 units
650t 0 units 9 units 7 units
800t 0 units 3 units 2 units
850t 1 units (2023:2 units) 0 units 2 units
1100t 0 units 1 units 0 units
1300t 0 units (2023:2 units) 0 units 0 units
Total 1 units 46 units 11 units
Machines for processing products
Head Office Plant Sakamoto Plant Sakamoto No. 2
Machining center 25 units (2023:96 units) 135 units 49 units
NC lathe 0 units 14 units 3 units
Total 25 units 149 units 52 units
Measuring instruments
 Head Office PlantSakamoto PlantSakamoto No. 2
3D coordinate-measuring machine1 units
(2023:3 units)
10 units4 units
Non-contact 3D scanner (ATOS)1 units2 units0 units
Contour-measuring machine1 units2 units1 units
Length-measuring machin0 units2 units0 units
Surface-roughness tester1 units1 units1 units
Roundness tester0 units0 units1 units
Precision universal testing machine (autograph)
0 units1 units0 units
Total4 units18 units7 units

※3D measuring machine: Measures and inspects the three-dimensional coordinate dimensions of die-cast products.
※Non-contact 3D scanner (ATOS):Measures and inspects dimensions with a non-contact three-dimensional scanner.
※Comparative length-measuring instrument: A reference instrument to calibrate measuring instruments in a temperature-controlled calibration chamber.

Evaluation facilities and equipment
X-ray measuring machine Inspection equipment that is used to irradiate an object with X-rays in order to detect such defects as cavities, voids, and foreign matter inside die-cast products.
X-ray fluorescence analyzer Equipment that is used to irradiate a sample with X-rays in order to analyze the energy of the fluorescent X-rays that are thereby generated and to determine the type and amount of each constituent element in the sample.す
3D scanner-type coordinate-measuring machine A machine that uses a 3D scanner to measure and inspect the dimensions of molds (inserts).
Spectroscopic analyzer Performs stable, highly accurate material evaluations of multiple elements found in metals by way of spectral analysis.
Oil concentration-measuring machine Accurately evaluates the residual oil content in machining oil and abrasive agents used for die-cast products.

Kumagaya Mold Center


Electrical discharge machines

Electrical discharge machines enable high-precision and high-efficiency processing. In addition, our accumulated processing technologies make it possible to manufacture complex molds through in-house operations.

Non-contact measuring machines

We check machined parts using non-contact measuring machines. By comparing filmed results with models as part of the checking process, we can verify the precision of not just structural parts but also free-form shapes.

Die-making facilities
Vertical machining center 5 units Electrical discharge machine 3 units
Horizontal machining center 4 units Wire electrical discharge machine 1 units
5-axis machining center 2 units 3D-measuring machine 1 units
Electrode processing machine 2 units Non-contact 3D scanner (ATOS) 1 units

Shirakawa Co., Ltd.

Die-casting machines Machines for processing products
135t 1 unit Machining center 12 unit
250t 4 unit NC lathe 2 unit
350t 7 unit
500t 1 unit
Total 13 unit Total 14 unit

MINO Industry Tochigi Co., Ltd.

Die-casting machines Machines for processing products
800t 3 units Machining center 79 units
1100t 1 units NC lathe 1 units
1250t 2 units
1650t 3 units
 2500t  2 units
 3550t  1 units
Total 12 units Total 80 units

Facilities at overseas locations

MINO Thailand Co., Ltd.

Die-casting machines Machines for processing products
350t 21 units Machining center 48 units
650t 2 units NC lathe 24 units
800t 3 units
Total 26 units Total 72 units

MINO Precision Auto Parts (Nantong) Co., Ltd.

Die-casting machines Machines for processing products
350t 18 units Machining center 187 units
650t 7 units NC lathe 4 units
800t 9 units
 1100t 2 units
 1250t 2 units
Total 38 units Total  191 units

MINO Industry Mexico S.A. de C.V.

Die-casting machines Machines for processing products
350t 7 units Machining center 27 units
650t 1 units NC lathe 0 units
 1100t 1 units
Total 9 units Total 27 units