We shall comply with laws, regulations, and internal rules; observe socially required corporate ethics; and carry out fair business activities. In addition, we have enacted and disseminated a basic policy on compliance and an employees’ code of conduct with respect to compliance as standards to be properly observed by officers and employees belonging to the MINO Group.

Compliance promotion system

We have set up a Compliance Committee to promote compliance at all of our locations. In addition, we have established a consultation office providing channels of communications to allow anyone to seek advice or report on any and all matters concerning compliance. Irrespective of the situation, operational methods and mechanisms to ensure that no one seeking advice or submitting a report will be treated in an unfavorable manner have been set forth in our Regulations Governing the Management of Compliance.

Basic policy on compliance

  1. We shall engage in business activities in good faith while always bearing in mind our corporate social responsibilities.
  2. We shall develop and continuously strive to enhance a system for complying with laws, regulations, and the dictates of corporate ethics.

Code of conduct with respect to compliance

  1. All employees shall comply with laws, regulations, social norms, and internal rules and carry out duties in accordance with good social sense while staying aware of the status as an employee of MINO Industry.
    In addition, an employee shall make decisions and act by applying standards in terms of the following tests:1-1. Could you still walk tall even if your actions were to be seen by others?
    1-2. How would your family feel if they knew what you were doing?
    1-3. How would you feel if the shoe were on the other foot?
  2. All employees shall comply with the laws, regulations, and rules of each country and region in which we operate and endeavor to help us expand overseas while maintaining respect for the culture, customs, and history of the local markets.。
  3. As someone working in the automotive industry, each employee shall comply with traffic rules, endeavor to drive with consideration for others, and proactively promote traffic safety.
  4. In the event that an employee is concerned that personal conduct or the conduct of another employee might be in breach of the law or regulations or might be ethically problematic, that person shall consult with the immediate superior or our consultation office.

Basic policy on information security