Basic policy on information security

In order to carry out business and provide products consistent with high levels of quality and safety, we have set forth this policy for the purpose of appropriately protecting the information assets possessed by the Company (including personal information) from internal and external threats and shall endeavor to continuously implement, review, and improve the following initiatives and thereby improve trust.

1.Definitions and roles

We shall develop and implement regulations within the organization in accordance with this policy. In addition, these regulations will be revised and implemented from time to time in response to environmental changes outside the organization.
All employees tied to our organization are obligated to comply herewith. Anyone in breach hereof shall be subject to punishment.

2.Establishing an operational system

We shall endeavor to appropriately manage information assets by establishing a security management system headed by the representative director and president. In addition, we will conduct an audit and endeavor to revise processes and improve operations according to the results thereof.

3.Risk analysis, drafting, and implementing countermeasures

We shall monitor and identify threats to information assets and information security vulnerabilities; control risks in terms of human, environmental, physical, technical, and operational management as they pertain to identified risks; and carry out appropriate management measures upon taking into sufficient account the level of priority applicable to the securing and allocation of resources needed to attain our information security objectives.

4.Education and dissemination

We shall systematically educate all employees involved in our organization on our information security policy and pertinent regulations and thereby endeavor to raise awareness of security matters. In addition, we shall clarify responsibilities for breaches and violations and ensure that they are known by our employees.

5.Complying with laws, regulations, and contractual matters

We shall comply with the law, contractual matters, and other societal norms that should be properly observed as they pertain to information security.

Jun Sugimoto, Representative Director & President
MINO Industry Co., Ltd. Jun Sugimoto