Management philosophy

Company creed

Quality assurance, ingenuity, and human harmony

Quality assurance

We seek to please downstream processors and clients while ensuring that we do not become complacent.


We will harness our wisdom and creativity to make tomorrow better than today (improvement) rather than settle for today as the best we can do (goal).

Human harmony

We will respect the connections between people in order to work together with smiles on our faces.

MINO Group’s

Our mission is to help improve the comfort and convenience of end users by becoming involved in development and the work of manufacturing based on formed and fabricated materials for use by mobility-related businesses. In addition, we are committed to reducing the burden borne by the global environment.

MINO Group’s

Our goal』

In addition to the company creed of quality assurance, ingenuity, and human harmony, out goal is to help improve client satisfaction and contribute to society by focusing on the environment, peace of mind, and safety.


Our aim is to become a leading global company capable of delivering peace of mind and safety to clients through manufacturing for which the global environment and communities are considered.

MINO Group

『Quality assurance』〜We always think from the perspective of what clients want.〜

 We do our best to provide valuable products and trusted services that meet the needs of clients. By working to acquire a high level of expertise, we improve the wisdom, technology, and skills needed to generate high value-added products that offer peace of mind and safety.

『Ingenuity』〜 Our goal is to create solutions that are better than what is available today.〜

 We will continue to take on the challenge of transforming the world every day without being satisfied with the status quo. We will work to make improvements and innovate with a sense of determination and passion to persevere without fear of failure.

『Human harmony』〜We aim to ensure that employees who work with passion and their families are happy.〜

 We seek to understand those with whom we interact within the organization and group by behaving with sincerity. We will respect each other and create a workplace where trust and support for one another are fostered.

『Development』〜Developing human resources and helping employees reach their potential〜

 We aim to enable individuals to make full use of their skills and abilities. We proactively work to cultivate an organization and culture that will allow us to rejoice as employees grow and develop. We will have goals shared between superiors and subordinates, promote the development of specific skills and career paths, and help employees do what is needed to improve their skills.

『Environment, peace of mind, and safety』〜 Our focus is on the future of our planet.〜

 We will work on energy management to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and endeavor to maintain an environmentally friendly perspective. In the pursuit of the possibilities inherent in aluminum, which is highly recyclable, we will strive to meet the needs of society. We will contribute to manufacturing activities that minimize human suffering sustained in traffic accidents.

Basic philosophy on human resources

In order to realize the elements of the company’s management philosophy of a commitment to quality assurance, ingenuity, and human harmony, we will carefully train each employee based on an understanding that the development of human resources is the fundamental principle upon which management is based. To this end, we will provide educational opportunities to those who dare to take on the challenge of meeting lofty goals, those who can help us in terms of our corporate performance, and those who will continue to strive to achieve growth. Accordingly, we aim to fairly evaluate and suitably treat our employees.