Integrated production system


We are able to produce a wide range of prototypes for everything from machined products to castings, surface treated products, and assembled goods.


We propose optimal forms for die-cast products, such as in terms of whether a commissioned die-cast product can be formed as envisaged and whether a product is suitable for mass production.


We work out product details based on the drawings and concepts spelled out by each client by making use of our know-how on die-casting as cultivated over many years and on simulations of metal flow.


Quality is enhanced by having discussions carried out among the relevant sections and prototyping to ensure smooth production.


We possess smaller die-casting machines rated for 135 tons and larger die-casting machines rated for 3,550 tons and everything in between and are thus capable of producing a variety of products both large and small that come in complex shapes with precision and in short periods of time. 

We mount molds on the die-casting machine and proceed to cast. While the result is then moved using robot arms and riggings, the product undergoes finishing work involving trimming (removal of non-product parts) and shot blasting with post-treatment facilities on the same line. Each product is then inspected for appearance. Those that pass this stage are sent along to the post-processing stage.


This step entails the use of blades to shave and finish the produced casting. High-precision products and forms that cannot be achieved with die-casting can be created. In addition to machining centers for high-precision processing, we possess high-performance washing machines and leak-testing machines to allow us to meet a wide variety of needs. Depending on the product, we can also conduct leak tests and carry out component assembly work.


Building quality through processing represents our way of doing things. We guarantee quality to enable die-cast products of consistently reliable quality to be supplied to clients through various inspections conducted both within and outside different processes.