We will continue to grow together with the local community.

Plant tours for primary, junior high, and high school students in the city

We conduct plant tours for young people. Local primary and junior high school students take part in plant tours that are held in support of childrearing efforts and the cultivation of an understanding of career options in cooperation with the local community.


Super Skills Nakatsugawa Project

We cooperate with the Super Skills Nakatsugawa Project, which is designed to given children an opportunity to gain hands-on experience to superior skills and craftsmanship.

Offering internships

We offer internships to students in high school and university. A curriculum is crafted, and workplace experiences are provided in line with the age, major area of study, and desires of each student.

Participating in the Oiden Festival

We participate in the Oiden Festival of Nakatsugawa City in order to preserve local traditional events and pass them on to future generations.


Cleanup activities

We regularly carry out cleanup activities around our plant.