▬ Health management ▬

We have been certified as an Excellent Corporation for the Management of Health for three years running since we were first certified as an Excellent Corporation for the Management of Health in 2020 (in the large corporation division).

▮ Certificate in recognition of our status as an Excellent Corporation for the Management of Health


MINO Industry Health Declaration


We will continue to promote initiatives to protect the health of our employees and maintain and promote health to ensure that they can work dynamically and in good health, both mentally and physically, in a way that is also consistent with our mission of leading society on a path to economic prosperity.

Jun Sugimoto, Representative Director & President




MINO Industry Co., Ltd., aims to be a company where its employees can work in a state of good health, both physically and mentally, and to enable everyone involved in our operations to lead lives of good health and spiritual wealth. In addition, we contribute to the health of people through our business activities in accordance with our top management’s policy on health management.


The objectives of our health management activities are to improve productivity, reduce burdens, enhance our image, and manage risks. By promoting health management, we help employees work dynamically. The ability of each employee to face a personal health situation and act in a health-conscious manner will increase motivation levels, enhance brand values, and generate other benefits. By having this lead to the revitalization of the organization and the attainment of objectives, we hope to see the company undergo lasting growth. The health of employees and their families is an asset of the company. We will continue to engage in health management on an ongoing basis to ensure that everyone can stay healthy while working.

Promotion system

We have appointed our representative director and president to the position of Chief Health Management Officer and established a Health Management Secretariat within the General Affairs Section of the General Affairs Division to promote health management activities and roll them out to employees in collaboration with the Board of Officers and each department of the Company.

<System outline>

〈 Strategy map  〉

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Main initiatives

  • Continuously provide information concerning health to employees
  • Health checkups (rate at which they are undergone: 100%)
  • Conduct employee questionnaires
  • Conduct stress checks
  • Number of persons taking childcare leave per year: Taken by 8 women and 1 man out of 19 eligible persons (in fiscal year 2021)
  • Average number of days of paid leave taken per year: 11
  • System for subsidizing those who receive an influenza vaccine
  • System for subsidizing persons receiving outpatient services for smoking cessation purposes
  • Hold in-house sports events
  • Hold bus tours as social get-togethers
  • Introduce no-overtime days
  • Introduce a flexible work hours system
  • System for subsidizing club activities for the purpose of promoting communications
  • Establish a mental health support consultations service to be operated by an outside professional organization
  • Hold exercise classes given by outside specialist instructors
  • Participate in sports programs sponsored by Gifu (Land of Clear Waters)
  • Provide healthy food through the employee cafeteria
  • Participate in and obtain certification through the Gifu Food and Health Support Outlet program as organized by Gifu (Land of Clear Waters)
     Sakamoto Plant  Sakamoto No. 2 Plant
  • Publish interview articles (Suntory Wellness, Limited)
Providing health food (at least 120 grams of vegetables)
社内運動会 ミノリンピック
Mini-Olympics: an in-house athletic meet
Health guidance plan by outside lecturers
健康経営 経営トップセミナー
Health management – top management seminar
Meeting of the Promotion Secretariat
Various types of club activities (clubs)

Survey results

2022年 2021年 2020年 2019年
Percentage of employees undergoing health checkups 100% 100% 70%
Percentage of employees receiving specific health guidance 100% 100% 100%
Percentage of employees undergoing breast cancer screenings 71.9% 70.5% 69.9%
Percentage of employees undergoing cervical cancer screenings 64.1% 58.2% 49.5%
Percentage of employees who smoke 29.2% 34.5% 35.1%